In 1992, Sister Act burst onto the silver screen, making musicals a blockbuster once again.


Twenty-five years later, members of the cast reunited on The View to talk about their fondest memories of the franchise and to reboot one of the movie’s classic hits.




Whoopi Goldberg, who already found fame as a comedian and actress when the movie opened, played the lead role of Deloris Van Cartier. Her character was a lounge singer who gets placed in the witness protection program while waiting to testify against casino owner Vince LaRocca, played by Harvey Keitel.


Where did she go into hiding? At a San Francisco convent, where she is given the name “Sister Mary Clarence” by the Reverend Mother (Maggie Smith) who opposed the entire plan.




Sister Mary Clarence is punished by Reverend Mother after sneaking out to a bar and is sent to join the choir where she befriended the nuns and added some rock n’ roll to the traditional church music. Over time, she becomes very close to two of the nuns, Sister Mary Patrick (Kathy Najimi) and Sister Mary Robert (Wendy Makkena), who come to her rescue as Vince finally finds Delores.




The plot wasn’t what captivated audiences, but the singing sure did! The film was set in 1968 and along with great costumes came even better music.


Watch the cast reunite for one of the movie’s biggest numbers!