Recently, the almighty Trumpa Lumpa made yet another bold and devastating decision for the fate of America. Ruling just last week that all National Monuments established since 1996 be reevaluated. The ruling doesn’t end there. Those National Monuments which are over a hundred acres are to be examined with an incredibly mindful eye.

Trump claims to be giving power back to the American people with this revision. In a statement following the change, Trump mentioned curbing the abuse of Federal power and returning it to Americans. AKA “Making America Great Again.”

Bears Ears -Utah


Mojave Trails-California


Marianas Trench Marine -Mariana Archipelago


Sand to Snow – California


Basin and Range-Nevada


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Pacific Remote Islands-Central Pacific Ocean


Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks-New Mexico


Berryessa Snow Mountain-California


Sonoran Desert-Arizona


Gold Butte-Nevada


Sad But True, There Are More Parks In Danger This Way

Rose Atoll-South Pacific Ocean


Giant Sequoia-California


Papahānaumokuākea Marine-Pacific Ocean and Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

SourceGrand Canyon-Parashant-Arizona

SourceCarrizo Plain-California

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Vermilion Cliffs-Arizona

SourceSanta Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains-California

SourceUpper Missouri River Breaks-Montana

SourceIronwood Forest- Arizona

SourceSan Gabriel Mountains-California

SourceUnfortunately, There Are More Monuments At Risk…This Way

Canyons of the Ancients -Colorado

SourceNortheast Canyons and Seamounts Marine-Off The Coast Of New England

SourceRio Grande Del Norte National Monument-New Mexico

SourceGrand Staircase-Escalante-Utah

SourceHanford Reach-Washington

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