It’s hard to argue with the truth – we are a wholly self-absorbed culture. From what we are watching to what we are eating, we can’t wait to plaster social media with our latest (and in our minds, greatest, achievements). You been to a concert recently? You have to battle the myriad of raised cellphones to see the band, simply because everyone wants to prove that they were there to see said act (and hopefully capture a viral moment or two in the process).

It’s Become A Plague


And then there’s the selfies, that picture portrait that’s become both the calling card and the curse of the new tech generation. Sure, there are times when snapping a photo of yourself is warranted, like when you come face to face with someone famous or you want to show off that new beach bod. But not every situation demands your inclusion. We know what the Eiffel Tower in Paris looks like. Adding your own goofy grin to the visual may be nice for the family, but it turns Facebook into a cesspool of self-centered tedium.

People Will Do Anything To Take A Selfie


Or what about those people who are so desperate to commemorate a day out that they risk everything to capture it? Like those folks who fell to their death while walking near the edge of a tenuous cliff, or climbed up a pole on top of a tall building just to get that all important image? And then there are those who damage art and antiquities in the act of cellphone showing off. You’d be surprised at the number of priceless objects lost because people believe they have a right to insert themselves into the action.

Even If It Damages Or Destroys Something In The Process


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