For women, it’s all about the romance. For them, the reality of a relationship is draped in the drawn out dream of a fairytale fantasy. Oh sure, that may be an unfair overgeneralization, but it’s hard to get a handle on what the ladies like. They say they want a man with a sense of humor, and yet bulging biceps and rock hard abs seem to rule the day. But then the bad boy shtick only goes so far before dad bods and nice guys get the call. In truth, communication is the key to any successful pairing, and yet dudes aren’t well known for letting their feelings out. That means their partners must practice reading between the relationship lines, so to speak.

If you are looking for signs of how he feels about you, here are 20 that can be very telling indeed. Instead of verbalizing, a man may simply act in a manner which gives his emotions away. Call it visual cues or simple gestures which give everything away, but if you are observant, you can codify your status with one another without having to have a serious heart to heart. Of course, that would also be nice, since, as we said before, talking can prevent many of the problems between partners. If that doesn’t happen, however, these signs may be all you need.

He Helps Out Around The Place

He Makes Time For You

He Apologizes, Even When It’s Not His Fault

He’s Always Checking On You And Saying He Misses You

He Plans His Future With You In It

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