Even the simplest movie is a massive collaboration. Let’s start with the script, which can be the result of one man or woman’s ideas, or a combination of several. It can be based on someone else’s research, someone else’s novel, or someone else’s life. Add in the input of a studio, the producers, and the director, and you’ve just begun the shared experience. Now add in the actors, the rest of the crew, the marketing people, the post-production and F/X department, and the editors. With so many cooks involved in this basic ballyhoo broth, it’s amazing anything cogent gets up on the screen at all.

Of course, not every cinematic experience is perfect. There are always gaffs here and there, little minor mistakes that don’t take away from the experience so much as remind you that film is still a distinctly human endeavor. CG may be the auto tune of movies, but when a boom mic accidentally enters the frame of your only good take, it’s either digitally erase it, or run with what you got. Here are a few examples of epic motion picture flubs. Some are so minor as to be unidentifiable. Others argue for a production so out of control and overstuffed that someone’s time was better spent elsewhere.

What Kind Of Pirate Is That, Actually?


Plundering Sponsored By Adidas


Oops, Misplaced My Insignia


The Planes Are Flying Low Over Troy Today


That Chariot Comes Equipped With Modern Air Compression


What – Everything Is Weightless EXCEPT Her Hair???


Oops – Camera Crew Spotting #1


Oops – Camera Crew Spotting #2


Guess She Preferred A Croissant


How Many Teeth Does This Guy Have???


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And Here Are Some Historical Mistakes

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