Meet Brian Imanuel, a 17-year-old Indonesian kid. Growing up in Jakarta, Imanuel and his family have lived a modest yet liberal life. Born into the post-dictator, Suharto Year of 1999 Brian and his 3 siblings are of the first generation to have mostly unlimited access to the World Wide Web.

Brian who has grown up home schooled, debatably because his parents are too busy with their business to commute as Rich claims. Or Possibly as stated by his sister, because Brian didn’t fit in at school, being socially awkward.

No matter what the reason, Brian’s flexible schedule and abundance of free time allowed for him to cultivate his interest in learning the english language via YouTube videos. The teen then used his newfound language to build his social media presence….

Before He Realized That Rap Was His Calling, Chigga Focused On Comedy


Brian Admits That He Had No Idea His Music Would Be Such A Success!

His Famous Video Made Rich Chigga’s Name Known


And By The Looks Of It, He Is Bringing His Crew Too


So Pour One Out For The Homies And PRESS PLAY!3

WATCH the video to PEEP Rich Chigga’s Style And Flow