Secrets. Everyone has them. From a personal faux pas that could cause embarrassment to something much, much more important – and damaging – we all have an issue or idea or incident we want to hide from the rest of the planet. This is especially true of governments and other national interests. After all, you can’t have your plans for world domination or global thermonuclear chaos posted up on the Internet for everyone to see.

Some People Don’t Want You On Their Property



And They Make It Pretty Obvious



But there are other, more intriguing concepts that also require protecting. What about an underground bunker built for the sole purpose of saving plant seeds should the Apocalypse occur? How about hubs where the truth about alien life, or the lies about religion, are stored? There are many islands and atolls around the globe that don’t take too kindly to strangers (and in one particular place, the mongoose) and when it comes to the military, mum is always the word.

Others Place Guards Up To Keep The Public Out


In the video included here, you will see several examples of places you cannot visit. No permissions will be granted. No access will be gained. Instead, you will have to view such areas from a distance, left out of the process of storing and re-purposing nuclear material, locked out of how to put said stuff back into a bomb for future saber rattling. There’s even a few examples of corporate intrigue, from what makes Coca-Cola “the pause that refreshes” to those familiar “11 herbs and spices.”

Few Thought The Berlin Wall Would Fall



They Were Wrong



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