The smartphone. The computer you can hold in your hand. Back in the days of comic strip heroes like Dick Tracy, the ability to call someone from the convenience of your palm (or wrist, whatever) was seen as the ultimate in high tech communication. Now, it’s just an ancillary aspect of a device that lets you surf the web, play games, read your email, text others, and watch films and other media all within a small, portable handheld marvel.

Some iPhone Accessories Seem Simple Enough



Others Are Just Odd



Of course, whenever something becomes a phenomenon, there are people who want to piggyback off the success. The makers of accessories for the iPhone, let’s say, understand that what most people want is a way to be different, to exploit the convenience of the device, and to, in general, turn it into a part of their personality. Thus the video compilation included here of the 15 most unusual add-ons for your smartphone.

All Hope You Add Them To Your Device



Right off the bat, you notice the whole “carrying case” ideal. From coverings that look like body part to one that emulates a naked lady in a bath, there are literally thousands of these designer doodads. But that’s not enough. There are chargers that look like flasks, and even one that looks like the umbilical chord (complete with realistic biological spasming).

Even If Their Purpose Seems Unusual



Or Pointless



So – What Do They Have To Offer? Continue On And Find Out