How old is “old” to you? Is someone who just turned 60 “elderly” in your book? How about 70? Or what about 80? At this point, it’s clear we are talking about the rare person who is beating the odds (life expectancy in the US tops out around 79, while you could live up to age 89 if you’re in Morocco) and surpassing most statistics. And when you hit 100, the ol’ century mark? All we can say is HUZZAH!

This Is Mbah Gotho



And He’s (Reportedly) 146 Years Old



Now what if you made it past that…WAY past that? What is you were Mbah Gotho from Indonesia? According to official records, this man checks in at 146. You read that right – almost 150 years old. Born in 1870, again allegedly, he’s seen more in his lifetime than most of us do as a communal collective. Perhaps it’s time for a bit of perspective.

He’s Very Frail Now




Gotho turned 100 in 1970, the year the Me Decade replaced the Peace Generation. When World War II ended – 1945 – he was 75. When World War I ended – 1918 – he was 48. Put another way, when the US Civil War finally drew to a close on May 9, 1865, Gotho wasn’t born yet. That would happen FIVE years later. FIVE YEARS!

He Says He Has Proof Of His Age




And Here It Is




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