In our everyday lives, we’ve become accustomed to seeing more and more media images of what some might consider to be perfection: blemish-free skin, cellulite-free legs, rippling six-pack abs and even blinding white teeth that resemble chiclets.

After staring at these perfect images staring back at us from the covers of fashion and health magazines, feelings of inadequacy might start to seep in.

Comparing yourself to the near impossible beauty standards that often times are manipulated with a little (or a lot of) digital help from Photoshop might bring up bigtime insecurities and have you questioning your self worth. Am I thin enough? Is my waist small enough? Is my skin clear and smooth enough? Are my biceps big enough?

For the people in the gallery below, the need to take it to the extreme probably seemed like a good idea at the time. When you see how they used digital manipulation to achieve what they might perceive as perfection, you’ll probably agree that yep, they aren’t fooling anyone at all.

These 12 Photoshop fails will probably make you appreciate what your mama gave you even more!

Who Are You And What Have You Done With That Beautiful Girl??


Subtle But Why?3

Most Men Probably Prefer The Curves Before4

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