Picture this…The whole squad hits the town in their freshest fits. Everyone is ready to impress at the next biggest nightclub or the hottest venue in the city.

A few drinks in and the next thing you know it’s VIP bottle service, the baddest and most beautiful women and of course a few Snapchats and Instagram mentions titled…

‘My Life Is A Movie📽️’

You totally know “this guy.”


Or, ‘It’s LIT🔥 FAM’🙄

Without a doubt, when the turn-up gets too real someone is bound to shout…


Then, Before The End Of The Night Place Your Bets That Someone Is Just Feeling ‘SO WAVVY’

This might feel “wavy” to the average guy or gal but don’t be fooled by cool slang…

The Only Thing That’s Really WAVVY AF Is Mother Nature…

You see, THIS is what it means to be WAVY. There is nothing that compares to the flowing force of the seismic sea wave.

But When The Predictable, Yet Highly Destructive Forces Of Mother Nature Come To Fruition…

Most everything in the path of the seismic wave is destroyed, displaced, or lost in the abyss.
The aftermath of a huge storm like this one that wreaked havoc on Japan is unsurmountable. Tsunamis can rip apart homes, entire cities and towns , and years of memories and culture.

These storms are no joke. Not only are residents of the affected area put in great danger but oftentimes, when all is said and done, nothing is left. Just remnants of what used to be and memories of what once was.

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