What gets you in the mood? Is there something in particular that you expect a man or woman to bring to the figurative table before you agree to court them? Perhaps, something like a severed head from the enemy? No? Not your idea of romance?

Wait, would you rather buy your wife for high-dollar prize? Would you rather ask permission from your desired mother if you may have her daughter’s hand in marriage for a large monetary offering? No?

Well, as “insane” as the previous mentioned mating ritual may seem to you, there are people out there that subscribe to and practice these so called odd-ball customs. Don’t believe it? Take a glance at this inside look on unordinary courting rituals.

Told You!

In case you thought this was a game…

Some Cultures Share Seemingly Similar Customs When It Comes To Intimacy

But don’t be fooled these two tribes have very opposing views.

How Odd Is Too Odd?

There is no-limit when it comes to love.

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