Part of the rap game is evolving as an artist: Getting better, experimenting with different producers, changing fashion style are all part of growing and maturing as both an MC and a star.


For instance, look at an icon like Tupac. Back in the early ’90s he was a part of the light-hearted and comical hip-hop group Digital Underground who hit pay dirt with “Humpty Dance.”


Just a few years later, he became the intense, sometimes dark, always real, heralded rapper we have come to remember.


Tupac evolved from a backup guy in a rap group to one of the most legendary and greatest lyricists of all time.


There are many other rappers who also changed their game in one way or another, but these 10 artists did a complete 180 for the better.


10. Gucci Mane


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In Gucci Mane’s early years, he made a career out of rapping about illegal substances and excess, rapping the line: “Sipping on purple stuff, rolling up stanky/Wake in the morning, 10 o’clock drinking.”


But his three-year stint in prison truly turned out to be a rehabilitation for Mane. He emerged in 2016 25 pounds lighter, sober and with a new outlook on life.