The rich are different from you and I. No matter how much money your family has, or how poor you felt growing up, if you’fre not member of the one percent, then you really don’t get what being wealthy is all about. There’s net worth, and then there’s NET WORTH. And with it comes the spoils – or being spoiled, whatever.

They Have It All



And Love To Flaunt It



It all boils down to a simple system – and the old standby statement really does apply…if you have to ask how much, you can’t afford it and, perhaps, aren’t as well off as you think. Of course, with such disposable income comes a certain sense of privilege, and it can create a sense of selfishness that flows all the way down to your offspring.

Rich Kids Are Indeed Different



For example, can you imagine your loving Daddy dropping $77 million for a pair of diamonds for you? How about a father who finds it necessary to give you the entire floor of a skyscraper…as your room? Or if that is TOO lavish, how about your own apartment? The richest, most spoiled kids in the world can claim such perks. After all, when you own 95% of the wealth the planet produces, anything’s the limit.

They Live To Excess



And Don’t Care Who Hates Them For It



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