What is insurance for? You get insurance on your car so that in case of an accident, you can get it fixed or replaced. You have home insurance to fix or replace your home. You have renters insurance to replace things damaged or stolen in your apartment.

There is even unemployment insurance. That’s in case you lose your job at no fault of your own. Unemployment insurance is income while you look for another job. And this is the point that is being made when celebrities get crazy insurance policies on only certain body parts.

These celebrities have awesome talent. But, something about them became famous. It might be a nice pair of legs or even a set of eyes. When a celebrity is known by a certain body part, it’s in their best interest to insure it. If something should happen to them, they can guarantee they won’t lose any income over it.

It’s a crazy world we live in and these are the crazy insurance policies certain celebrities have taken out on a part of their body.

Famous Food Critic Egon Ronay Insured His Taste Buds

famous food critic egon ronay insured his taste buds

Ben Turpin Insured Against His Eyes Ever Uncrossing

ben turpin insured against his eyes ever uncrossing

David Lee Roth Insured His…

david lee roth insured his sperm
Well, let’s just say he insured his stuff. The stuff men help make babies with. Yeah, that stuff!

Dolly Parton Insured Her Breasts

dolly parton insured her breasts

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