The candid photo. Back in the days before cellphones and other smart devices, it was hard to get a true off the cuff picture. People saw you grabbing your Brownie, or Polaroid, or complicated Canon, and instantly knew what was coming. Even if you were trying to be clandestine, you usually ended up with some stiff portrait that neither captured the moment nor those who made it so special. Instead, you had a clunky combination of Norman Rockwell and awkward poses. You could get lucky on occasion, but that often had more to do with dumb luck than something preplanned.

Now, with a camera attached to almost every high tech device we own, all it takes is a little misdirection to get that otherwise unplanned photo. You can even capture the world in a way that makes what happens next a topic of conversation for days after you distribute the pics across social media. Take the 10 photos featured here. They all offer a moment candid photography – but it’s what they suggest that’s equally intriguing. What happens next is often a dull, dated inquiry. Here, you’ve got collection of examples which offer unique and sometimes hilarious possibilities. Take a look.

Splash Down In T-Minus 10…9…8…

Oh face it – she’s all wet.

What Does This Experiment Do, Dad?

It makes your mother mad as Hell.

What A Hose Job

That’s a lot of PSI to take to the face.

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