Well, it’s that time of year. The Hallmark holiday has arrived, yet again. For some, this day is full of flowers and affection from their loved ones. For others, it’s a nauseating reminder of failed relationships and and a downright depressing 24 hours.

If you are one of the bitter ones, devouring boxed chocolate as you binge watch Netflix with your cat while pretending to be spoiled by your so-called “lover”, as you simultaneously check into a bougie steakhouse and inform Netflix that yes, you are still watching (with a box of tissues in your lap and a box of wine on your nightstand) then this is for you.

These V-Day cards were made to brighten your day and ruin this silly holiday for your ex-bae. PEEP Game!

Sometimes You Really Gotta Let Them Know

With a low blow.


That You Really Could Care Less

If you ever see their slimey face again.


And These Days, You’re Aiming Higher

Standards are up and so is your dart game.


Clear & Concise Is The New ‘Nice’

Translation “H-E-double hockey sticks to the nah”

Sometimes, It’s Best To Come Out And Say It…


Haven’t Found The Perfect Message For Your EX Yet? See NEXT!